Social media has become an integral part of everyone’s lives. We use Social media platforms right from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. to connect with friends and share current status via stories, chats, and many other options. As Social media is the most popular and powerful tool for communicating and staying updated with the crowd, then why don’t we use it for business purposes to reach great heights.

Most marketers started using social media to reach potential customers and increase revenue. Approximately in a day, more than 3 billion images, and 8 billion videos will be shared by social media users, which is a big number.

People love social media platforms as it helps them to stay updated all time. For business owners, this platform is a boon to advertise their products or services. 

Here are 10 amazing facts about social media, let’s get into the blog.

71% of adults use social media probably they will have one or more accounts on various platforms. The rest of the adults will have atleast one account on any social media platform. Your customers might be available on multiple sites, so focus on it to reach the maximum traffic.

58% of American adults use Facebook thus making it one of the most widely used platforms on the planet. Some may doubt which platform to use for marketing, if you’re the one among them, use Facebook as it will work best for you. 

10 million brands are advertising on Facebook. This is a great hike from 7 million advertisers in the first quarter of the previous year.

Facebook users spend 34 minutes a day checking their feeds, reacting to notifications, and responding to messages. 50% of Facebook users log in multiple times a day.

YouTube plays a major role in driving more engaged traffic than any other social site. YouTube visitors stay on the sites for a long time and visit more pages which in turn reduces the bounce rate than traffic from any other social media platform. Google+ and LinkedIn also drive highly engaged traffic but the bounce rate will be high compared to YouTube.

YouTube has 2 billion monthly active logged-in users worldwide. So the entire world is on YouTube; you’ve most likely even visited YouTube today.

Instagram reports that 50% of users are highly interested in a brand when they see ads on Instagram.

There are more than 200 million Instagram business accounts. Right from mid-sized companies to large companies use Instagram for promoting their businesses.

More than 2 billion active users log in to their accounts in a month. Instagram users spend 30 minutes each day on Instagram.

Large corporate companies use Instagram Stories or influencer marketing with an estimated 500,000 active influencers who are only on Instagram.


Social media is constantly changing, you have to know the facts and implement them to stay on a trend. Learn about these social media facts and the techniques to grow your business to the next level. Know about the positives and negatives of each social platform and plan accordingly to post at the best time.